5 planet-positive changes you can make in 2021

5 planet-positive changes you can make in 2021

1. Buy less, buy better.

By buying less and being more conscious with the things we do buy, we'll reduce our environmental impact.

Support brands like Kib who take responsibility for their resources and ensure that every step benefits both planet and its people. So you can sit back and relax, knowing that the power of your purchase is a vote for a better way of doing business.

2. Support a cause that does good.

By supporting smaller initiatives, you can see the direct benefits of your donation.
Teki bags, friends of Kib, are a social and environmental enterprise developed for the deaf community— employing deaf women whilst building a plastic-free Ethiopia. Currently fundraising, you can find out how to support them here >>

3. Eat plant rich.

We don't mean you need to become a full vegetarian. But making plants like legumes, fruits and veg a bigger part of your diet and committing to eating less meat and fish will make the world of difference. Literally.

If more of us consumed a plant-rich diet, we'd remove 66 giga-tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere, which is a lot.

4. Throw away less food.

Simple steps like planning your meals out, buying only what you need on your food shop, or finding interesting ways of preserving your food all add up—and saves you money.
By reducing food waste, we transform a linear food system into a circular one. Check out Love Food Hate Waste for creative ways to use your leftovers.

5. Buy carbon credits.

Calculating your carbon footprint is a great way to gauge how your lifestyle impacts the planet in carbon terms.

You can offset your impact through sites like Bulb & Terrapass—just £5 a month plants over 3000 trees a year.