How you can help regenerate our planet in 2022

How you can help regenerate our planet in 2022

If there’s one resolution we should all make and keep this year, it’s doing more to help to regenerate our planet in 2022 and beyond.

Tweaking our diets, supporting regenerative brands, planting trees–these might all seem small in the face of a climate crisis. But these changes multiplied across millions or billions of people would make a huge difference.

Here are some easy ways you can get started.

Learn, learn, learn

Learn about our planet and the climate crisis, whether through the news, books, podcasts, or documentaries, and then share that knowledge with your circle.

Support regenerative agriculture

Intensive agriculture is hugely damaging for the planet. Instead, what our planet needs is agriculture that is regenerative. This way of growing helps to build healthier soil that draws down CO2 from the atmosphere. Help build demand for regenerative growing practices by supporting regenerative brands–you can find some of our favourites here.

Plant trees

Trees play a vital role in drawing down CO2 from the atmosphere — so planting more of them on a mass scale can also help us reduce our carbon emissions. Wren and more: trees allow you to contribute to climate projects, while the search engine Ecosia plants trees while you browse the web.

Eat plant rich

No, we don’t mean completely cutting out meat and fish from your diet, but simply committing to eating less of it. If we collectively ate more plants and less meat, we could lower the food production industry’s greenhouse gas emissions by up to 70% by 2050. 

Start composting

Have some leftover food scraps? Why not start home composting. It's an easy way to prevent food waste ending up in landfill and instead return it to our soils. If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend following Poppy Okotcha.