Introducing The Regenerative Box

Introducing The Regenerative Box

We built Kib around the circular, regenerative way in which we grow our herbs with our partner farmers in Ethiopia.

When you picture a farmer’s field, you might think of rows and rows of maize or beans. But our partner farmers’ fields in Ethiopia are a bit messier than that--in a good way. They grow herbs in ‘food forests’--small plots densely and diversely sown with avocados, vegetables and of course our herbs.

This is one way of growing regeneratively. Regenerative agriculture prioritises soil health, storing carbon in the soil and reducing emissions.

But we’re not the only ones out there who believe in this way of growing. We’ve been working over the last few months to bring you a gift bundle featuring other small companies growing regeneratively.

Meet The Regenerative Box

We’re bringing together regeneratively-grown ingredients from Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania in this limited edition gift box.

Chocolate by Original Beans: Two bars of Udzungwa dark chocolate. Often, protecting biodiversity and forests means making sure that farmers can earn a living in a way that sustains, not destroys, their local environment. The cocoa farmers in Tanzania’s Udzungwa Mountain National Park worked with conservationists to do just that. 

Elephants were stomping through their cocoa crops, creating a conflict between these beautiful creatures and their livelihoods. The solution? Honey bees. Elephants hate them and farmers (and their crops) love them. The farms built honey bee fences around their fields, protecting the cocoa and the elephants at the same time.

These unique beans give Original Beans’ Udzungwa 70% dark chocolate a rich flavour infused with notes of toffee and citrus. And the addition of cocoa nibs gives these bars an extra crunch.

Golden Chai Turmeric Latte by Wunder Workshop: One jar of latte mix. Wunder Workshop works directly with small farms in Sri Lanka who grow their turmeric in forest gardens. They then grind and blend this turmeric with chai spices to create a rich turmeric latte mix.

Wunder Workshop was founded out of a desire to bring the healing power of turmeric to others. Curcumin, the compound that gives turmeric its distinct yellow colour, has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties.

Never made a turmeric latte? Just add one tablespoon of Turmeric Latte blend to a cup and mix with a dash of not water until it forms a smooth paste. Then fill your cup with hot milk or your favourite milk substitute. 

Herbal Teas by Kib: Three cartons of our herbal teas. Last but not least, we’ve included three cartons of Kib teas in this bundle. We grow our herbs in a regenerative way that means better soil, better plants, and better flavour. We’re proud to have our teas sitting alongside other fantastic regeneratively-grown products in this bundle.

Our Kib flavours included in the bundle are:

  • Mint, lemongrass, moringa: Earthy spearmint, peppermint, and moringa brightened by lemongrass
  • Ginger, lemon, turmeric: Warm ginger and turmeric brightened by citrus
  • Hibiscus, tulsi, elderberry: Bright hibiscus balanced with ripe elderberry and aromatic tulsi

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