IWD: Meet the women who make Kib go ‘round

IWD: Meet the women who make Kib go ‘round

This International Women's Day is all about “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.” By empowering and educating, we give women the opportunity to positively impact the future of our planet. 

We’re proud to be women-led and to #breakthebias in agriculture and leadershipSo, let’s raise our cups to the women who ​make Kib go ‘round.

Belaynesh - The Herb Grower


Belaynesh is one of the partner farmers growing our flavourful herbs. With her family, she farms 1,052 m2 of land in Butajira. 

Their farm is a lush food forest with multiple stories of avocado trees, vegetables, and herbs—all intentionally planted to perfectly complement each other. Perennial herbs like lemongrass are especially useful in her fields. They keep away pests and allow Belaynesh and her family to harvest and earn income year-round. 

By using regenerative practices on her farm, Belaynesh is helping to capture carbon and build healthier soils. This soil in turn means better plantsand better flavour. 

Jacie - The Leader

Jacie leads the teams at Kib and our sister brand Green Path Food. She makes sure everything goes ‘round smoothly. 

She is passionate about leveraging enterprise to drive sustainable development. Before leading Kib & GreenPath, Jacie advised teams founding early-stage social ventures in the San Francisco Bay Area and supported a portfolio of market-based agriculture and enterprise development programs across East Africa with TechnoServe. 

Prior to migrating to warmer climates, she grew up on a family farm in northern Wisconsin, USA. She loves running, travelling, and all things tea and coffee.

Evie - The Sales Guru

Evie helps us get Kib onto the shop shelves and into your hands.

Before joining the team, Evie founded and led her own vegan and free-from snacks brand, Raw Bake Station. She led the company from a passion project to being stocked in WH Smith, Planet Organic, and other UK grocers.

Hailing from Manchester, Evie loves to run and practice yoga.


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